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                                                                       Current  Activities


The Dr. H.L.B. Educational Center 



Named after the late founder of CPNDEC, Dr. H.L. Bostic, the Dr. H.L.B. Educational Center offers a wide variety of classes and resources to foster personal growth and development among the members of our community.   Consisting of fully facilitated classroom space which includes computers, printers, wireless internet connectivity, a variety of software programs and space for study, the Dr. H.L.B. Educational Center offers a variety of classes and programs to the general public including:  Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, College Counseling, Scholarship Information, Financial Management, CPR, Introduction to Basic Computing and Tutoring in Math, Science, Reading, Writing and English.  The goal of the Dr. H.L.B. Educational Center is to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Bostic’s lifelong love of learning and to continue her legacy by providing convenient, comprehensive educational opportunities to youth and adults.




Each year, we host speakers and presentations on various topics, such as educational motivation, career planning, overcoming challenges, and social issues such as teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse and youth violence, to name a few.  Past presenters include former SF 49er, Roger Craig; teenage millionaire entrepreneur, Rishi Bhat; ALS survivor, Coach Charlie Wedemeyer and representatives from such firms as Facebook, Sun Microsystems, Raychem Corporation, the Menlo Park Police Department, Silicon Graphics, Bon Appétit Management Company, DeVry Institute of Technology, the U.S. Navy, Sequoia Institute, Fenwick & West, TIBCO Software Inc., Project Read and many others.     


Sponsor a Student 



Sponsor a Student was begun in 2000 as a means to expose youth to our nation’s rich culture and history.  We have visited such places as Washington, D.C. (the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, the Smithsonian, etc.), Chicago, IL (Museum of Science & Industry, etc.), Orlando, FL (Kennedy Space Center, etc.), Atlanta, GA, (the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, CNN Center/Studio Tour, the Atlanta History Center, etc.) and others.  In additional to visiting sites of historical and cultural significance, the students also attend workshops and lecture presentations emphasizing educational enrichment, professional development and social responsibility.




Past Accomplishments


Establishment of Block Captain and Neighborhood Watch Programs

Dr. H.L. Bostic, founder and president of CPNDEC, is the originator of the first neighborhood watch program in the United States.  Originally called the Brothers Keepers program, it started in the early 1970s and spread rapidly across the nation.

Property Engraving

Dr. Bostic and CPNDEC were the innovators of property engraving and identification.

Community Based Policing

Before the term “Community Based Policing” was ever coined, Dr. Bostic was already active in establishing such a program in the city of Menlo Park.  She was responsible for training new cadets as they entered the force, and also worked tirelessly to bring harmony and cooperation between local minority residents and the local police department.